Large Foot Gift Package(Dermatonics heel balm and Dry Skin Balm

Large Foot Gift Package(Dermatonics heel balm and Dry Skin Balm

Product information-

Dermatonics (200ml) Once heel balm, Dermatonics (200ml) Dry Skin balm and a Foot Dresser 

Dermatonics Once Heel Balm is a ‘once a day’ treatment for rough, dry and callused heels and feet is widely prescribed for patients with dry skin, particularly in relation to diabetes. It contains 25% urea, which is a natural moisturiser – and 99% of users report all dry skin was removed after just 8 days’ treatment. This Once Heel Balm is Paraben-free and is also available on prescription from healthcare professionals in the UK.

Direction for use:
Wash and dry feet. Apply a 1cm length of cream once a day to the affected areas on the soles of the feet.Do not use on broken skin. Recommended for adult use only. Discontinue use if irrigation or rash occurs during use.

Dermatonics Dy Skin Balm for the treatment of rough dry skin, including skin prone to cracking. Contains 10% urea the skins natural moisturiser 

Direction for use:

Apply between 1 and 3 times daily. Once skin is restored continue using to keep it moisturised. Do not use on broken skin. If local rash or irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately 

Foot Dresser- Double sided foot file, one pumice and one emery, for gentle pedicures. Start with the pumice side to remove hard or callused skin and finish with emery side

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