Diabetes Foot Assessment   

If you have diabetes, you're much more likely to develop problems with your feet- problems that could end up as amputations. However most amputations can be prevented if you look after your feet. 

Here at Feeney's Feet on your initial appointment, your past medical history is taken this incudes any allergies, current medication, your last HBA1C result, physical examination of the foot, gain consent, discuss a treatment plan and advice on footwear. 

We will then perform a neurovascular assessment which assess the blood and nerve supply to your feet. Numbness or changes in sensations also known as neuropathy this will be tested with a 10g monofilament. Vascular is a complication associated with diabetes, this assessment incudes using a Doppler to identify abnormalities in the blood flow such as absent Dorsalis pedis and tibial posterior pulses, which detects ischaemia. These results will provide us with how much you're at risk of a foot problem and where necessary we will refer you to ether the GP or NHS Podiatry or  if ischaemia is present.

As Foot Health Practitioners we are trained to recognize foot conditions and treat appropriately and refer when necessary.


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