Cracked Heels   

Cracked Heels or fissures, are generally caused by insufficient moisture and a common foot problem. These cracks can become sore ,bleed and sometimes become infected. In some cases the cracks can become very deep and cause pain. Certain risk factors contribute to cracked heels such as eczema, psoriasis, diet, diabetes, thyroid, athlete's foot and age. Our skin naturally loses moisture as we age.

Here at Feeney's Feet our line treatment is a good quality heel balm with a urea base. We supply a range of foot creams to suit your feet as one cream alone will not be suitable to care for your feet all year round. Our treatment involves paring your heels using a scalpel leaving your heels baby soft. We advice which foot cream is suitable for your feet and advice you on how to look after your feet and prevent getting cracked heels.

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