Corn Removal   

Corns are different to calluses, a corn is a build up of hard skin near a bony area of the toe or in-between the toes. A callus is a build up of hard thick skin usually develop on the soles of your feet. Corns can be very painful and occur due to pressure of friction, located in areas of mechanical trauma. 

Here at Feeney's Feet treatment would involve paring the skin with a scalpel to reduce the pain and if needed to properly position a pad to help relieve pressure on the corn. Some clients may buy over the counter treatment for corns such as corn plasters, However we discourage the use of over the counter salicylic acid corn remedies, when applied improperly as this may results in chemical skin burns and if your diabetic you have a high risk of developing an infection. If you have broken skin or peripheral neuropathy this may increase the risk of damage to the skin, nerves and tendons. 

Advice on footwear will be given along with a treatment plan. If you have diabetes or another condition that causes poor blood flow to your feet, you're at greater risk of complications from corns and callus.

As Foot Health Practitioners we are trained to recognise foot conditions and treat appropriately and refer when necessary.

Previous client Large corn removal 

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